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How to Get a Library Card

To apply for a library card, inquire at the circulation desk, where a library employee will give you a blank card to fill out with information for our records. Required information to open an account with our library is a photo ID and two additional pieces of documentation confirming residency in Crittenden County. You will also be given information about video check-outs and internet access at this time. *

You will be issued a card at this time, and asked to sign the back. Cards must be presented at time of checkout. Cardholder (or responsible party) is responsible for all material checked out on their account. You may not use someone else’s card to check out materials.

Your first card is free, replacement cards will be provided with a fee.

New Customer Guidelines

In order to establish a borrowing record, during the first six (6) months, new library customers may borrow up to ten (10) items any given time. If, after that time, they have a clear record, they will be placed into regular customer status.

Lost, Damaged or Otherwise Unusable Materials

  • Items are considered lost when they are 90 days overdue whether customers have or have not received any notice.
  • If a customer owes $10 or more on their account, they will be unable to check out any materials.
    They may use computers if they pay a minimum of $1 per visit on their account.
  • Once the amount owed falls below $10, customers may borrow up to two (2) items at any given time so long as they continue to pay at least $1 per visit on their account (until the account is paid off) and they remain a customer in good standing.
    They may also use computers if they pay a minimum of $1 per visit on their account.
  • Once the account is paid in full, for six (6) months, customers may borrow up to five (5) items at any given time so long as they remain a customer in good standing.
  • After 6 months, if the customer has a clear record they will be placed on regular customer status.
  • If a customer continues, after being notified three times, to return materials in a soiled, unsanitary, or mishandled condition, or to accumulate repeated delinquent fines, for six (6) months, they may borrow up to five (5) items at any given time. If, after that time, they have a clear record they will be returned to regular status. In many cases the condition of materials may warrant replacement.
  • Items which have been wet, chewed, or otherwise rendered unusable will be charged for replacement.

Official Documentation Required:
Police, fire, or other official report for any claims of loss by fire, accident, theft, flooding or other catastrophe beyond the control of the customer.

Items must be checked out on the record of the person using the materials. If a customer (18 years of age or older with a clear record) is unable, due to illness or disability, to come into the library in person and wishes someone else to check items out in their name they must:

  • Sign a responsibility form stating they are requesting this action. (official ID required)
  • Sign they are financially responsible for all materials checked out in their name.
  • Understand that this form will be valid until retracted by them in writing or in person.
  • Produce a medical or other professional letter stating they cannot come into the library in person. *

* The bookmobile is available to visit patrons unable to come into the main library.

With Established Borrowing Record

Check-out lengths for different materials

MediaDuration / Limits
Books2 weeks
eBooks2 weeks (no fines, books disappear from reader after 2 weeks unless renewed)
Audio Books (cassette and CD)2 weeks
VHS and DVD1 week *
Magazines1 week
Library material checkout limits20 books or audio books, 2 videos/DVD, 10 magazines

Renewals may be done in person or over the telephone during regular library hours, and will be for an additional two weeks for books, and four days for movies and magazines.

Two renewals only.

* Videos and DVDs may only be checked out after a borrowing record is established. A borrowing record consists of checking out and returning at least two books.

Late Fees

Books, audio books, and magazines$.05 per day/ $5.00 maximum
Videos$1.00 per day/ $10.00 maximum


CCPL Financial Information

The Crittenden County Public Library, established under KRS 173.310 and following, provides library services to citizens in Crittenden County, Kentucky. In accordance with Chapter 65A and 424 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes, the financial records of the Crittenden County Public Library District for may be inspected in a valid period at the Crittenden County Public Library, 204 W. Carlisle St., Marion, Kentucky during administrative office hours; Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Inquiries should be made to the library director. CCPL is audited every four years.

Records can also be viewed at the following links:

2016 AuditDownload PDF
2016-17 Year-End Financial ReportDownload PDF

Donations Policy

The Crittenden County Public Library is grateful for all donations, both monetary and of materials.

When donating books to the library, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Books should be clean and in decent condition
  • If books meet selection criteria and are needed in our collection, we will gratefully use them for circulation, but if it is a title that we do not need or that is already in our collection in good shape, we will submit them to our book sale to help benefit other library programming.
  • All donations will be used at the discretion of the library staff.

Downloadable Forms and Policies

Information Security Policy

Adopted March 26, 2015

Information Security PolicyDownload PDF