The Crittenden County Public Library bookmobile is available to bring books, audiobooks, and a limited number of requested videos to the people, young and old, of Crittenden County.

If you would like to have our Bookmobile Librarian, Shawnee Pace, come to your house or would like to visit the bookmobile when it is in your community, please contact the library for exact times and places! We would love to see you!

Bookmobile Schedule – 2 Week Rotation (Week One)
TuesdayCCES Preschool, Highway 91
WednesdayLocal Daycare Facilities
ThursdaySheridan, Irma, Tolu, Crittenden Springs Rd., Irma White Rd.
Bookmobile Schedule – 2 Week Rotation (Week Two)
TuesdayMattoon, Creekside, Bellville Manor, Baker Church Rd.
ThursdaySheridan, Dycusburg, Frances, Mexico